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Astra VXR Gearbox Breather Kit 

Astra VXR Gearbox Breather Kit 

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Astra VXR Gearbox Breather Kit 


This is a must have addition for the Astra VXR, not only does this kit add some style to your engine bay it also helps with the m32 gearbox fitted to the VXR. Fitting this kit allows additional ventilation to the gearbox, which is perfect when used on track, as the oil in the gearbox heats up pressure builds inside, this will allow it to vent out and release heat from it. Also fiting this kit allows you to add an extra 250ml of gearbox oil which is now recommended for the problematic m32. 


This kit vents from the original vent and from the fill point on the gearbox.



Included in this kit is: 


1 x baffled breather tank

1 x  black foam breather filter (filter style may vary slightly)

1 x m6 bolt

1 x m6 nylock nut

2 x m6 washer 

1 x length of braded line and fittings

1 x silicon hose 

1 x adapter to gearbox fill point 


Small modification need to fit, one small 6mm hole needs to be drilled into the metal panel under the scuttle panel, this is so you can mount it in the perfect position to suit your engine bay, I.e. to fit round your top hat kit your using etc. 


Hand made in the UK, using only the best materials and tig welded to the highest of standards.


All parts are hand made to order, please allow up to 10 working days for dispatch, please email if you are in a rush!

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