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Astra/Zafira Gsi/VXR 80mm intake pipe

Astra/Zafira Gsi/VXR 80mm intake pipe

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Astra/Zafira Gsi/VXR 80mm intake pipe

The all new TigWorx all Aluminium intake pipe, includes a CNC machined MAF sensor Boss professionally TIG welded in place, getting rid of the plastic housing, and having a much cleaner look. Simply unbolt the MAF sensor from the plastic housing and refit with supplied stainless hardware to the new intake.

This item is specifically for the standard style turbo kits available for the Z20 engine, whether that be a KO4 or KO6.

For full kit with filter see on our products page

Available as a Kit or as a standalone item to be used with parts you may already have available. ALSO AVAILABLE TO BE MADE IN 90MM, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR THIS OPTION.

Breather pipe option doesn't include silicone joiner to cam cover ONLY the pipe take off on the intake pipe itself.

*It is highly recommended to have your car remapped with this item and possible MAF  extension and senor recalibration. Harm to your engine may occur if not done*

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