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VX220 Turbo Oil catch tank

VX220 Turbo Oil catch tank

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Small and convenient oil catch tank that fits neatly, with only small amounts of modification, onto the header tank bracket with a straight run to the breather from the cam cover on the heavy breathing Vauxhall Z20 engine. 

This catch tank kit vents to atmosphere and is not a recirculating kit, however can be made to with extra lengths of silicone to go from filter side of the tank back to the original intake point of the breather circuit.

Included in this kit:

1 x catch tank

1 x breather filter (filter style may vary slightly)

1 x link pipe

1 x mounting bolt kit


* 2 x 6.5mm holes are required to be drilled into the header tank bracket for this tank to be fitted, also the original breather pipe can be modified to fit with a supplied joining tube. 


Recommended to be fitted by a professional 

All parts are hand made to order, please allow up to 10 working days for dispatch, please email if you are in a rush!

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